Cryorig Launches C7 CPU Cooler in RGB and Graphene Flavors

Cooling specialist Cryorig has expanded its C7 lineup with two new iterations. The C7 RGB features a RGB-lit fan while the C7 G arrives with a graphene coating.

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The C7 RGB and C7 G are identical to the original C7 in terms of construction. They boast a top-flow design and measure 97 x 97 x 47mm (L x W x H) so you'll probably find them in compact PC builds where space is a luxury. Cryorig goes as far as guaranteeing that the C7, independent of the model, will not interfere with your motherboard's memory slots or first PCIe slot.

(Image credit: Cryorig)

The CPU cooler makes contact with the processor via a nickel-plated pure copper baseplate. The heat is then transferred via four 6mm heatpipes to the aluminum heatsink, which is comprised of up to 57 fins of the same material. Cryorig claims that its C7 CPU coolers performs up to 25% better than your everyday Intel stock cooler while also being 20% quieter.

(Image credit: Cryorig)

The C7 RGB employs a cooling fan with transparent fins and RGB lighting. It requires a standard 12V RGB header to work properly. You can plug it into directly into your motherboard or any 12V RGB controller. On the other hand, the C7 G is covered with a graphene material that, according to Cryorig, not only serves as eye candy but also helps improve thermal performance. As a result, the C7 G is rated with a TDP (thermal design power) of 125W, which is 25W more than the C7 RGB.

Beyond the aesthetic, the specifications for the 92mm cooling fan are the same for both coolers. It's equipped with Cryorig’s proprietary Quad Air Inlet System, which has four intakes in the corners of the fan to increment the airflow. The fan spins between 600 and 2,500 RPM (revolutions per minute) with an airflow of 40.5 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and an air pressure in the range of 2.8 mmH2O (millimeter of water). The fan's noise level is rated for 30 dBA.

Cryorig didn't reveal the pricing or availability for the C7 RGB and C7 G coolers.

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    Well it's been a long time since we heard ANYTHING about Cryorig. It's good to hear something from them again..
  • bit_user
    It seems like Graphene has some real potential for improving cooling, but I'm not convinced that a simple graphene coating can deliver the goods. I suspect it's more of a marketing gimmick, when used in they way they have. I'd love to see data that shows otherwise.