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Deepcool Debuts $599 Tristellar S Case That Resembles 'Star Wars' Shuttle

One of the best parts about building a custom PC is the personalization. Choosing a case that reflects your personality and flair can often cost a little more, but enthusiasts willing to go the extra mile end up with a system they can truly be proud of and call their own. Deepcool has often provided eccentric case options in the consumer market, but the company has also gone the extra mile and announced one of its most unique (and expensive) case offerings to date: the Tristellar S.

We first saw the Tristellar case at CES and were amazed at the design; a chassis split into three separate compartments that can accommodate mini-ITX motherboards, a 120 mm liquid cooler, full-length graphics cards and power supplies, an optical drive and two 3.5-inch drives. We concluded that although the Tristellar wasn't practical (and also excessively heavy), it was still very cool, even if it was just a concept piece at the time with no definitive indication whether or not it would ever come to market.

In May, Deepcool revealed that the Tristellar case would be available globally with the not-so-budget-friendly price tag of $399, putting the unique chassis in a market tier few can afford. The high price didn't make the Tristellar any less cool; it could be said that made it even cooler and more exclusive, and to some, more appealing. (Psychology, what can you do.)

Deepcool's new Tristellar S is about $200 more expensive than its predecessor, and was designed in partnership with Bill Owen (he even signed the side of the chassis). The new look was inspired by Star Wars, and the case resembles the evil emperor's private shuttle from Return of the Jedi. The Tristellar S is a limited edition case with only 50 being sold worldwide, putting it in the same elite company as XFORMA's MBX MKII, which was priced at a ridiculous $1,500, with only 250 sold. Deepcool's ultimate vanity offering suddenly seems much more reasonably priced for what it is when compared to XFORMA's Ferrari of a case.

Aside from being more expensive than the previous version, the Tristellar S is essentially the same case, and Deepcool really only changed the color to a spaceship white and added a graphics compartment window. The panels are also aluminum instead of steel, reducing the obnoxious weight of the first Tristellar. These improvements make the Tristellar S stand out even more, but cannot account for the $200 price increase from the original Tristellar. However, the fact that only 50 will be sold justifies the premium, if you happen to be in the elite limited edition case market.

The Tristellar S is available now at Deepcool's website, with an MSRP of $599.99.

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