Deepcool Promotes A New Captain Cooler And Fans At Computex

In addition to a handful of new cases, Deepcool also brought a a new version of the Captain all-in-one liquid CPU cooler, a new CPU air cooler, and aluminum framed RGB-equipped smart fans to Computex this year.

As the name implies, Deepcool's Captain 240EX RGB is basically an updated version of the Captain EX series that includes RGB lighting in the water block housing and a separate RGB LED strip.

The water block base plate has been upgraded with a higher density fin count and is compatible with both Intel and AMD platforms. The 240mm aluminum radiator is fitted with a pair of TF 120 double-blade 4-pin fans that feature a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 50,000 hours, according to the company. The Captain 240EX RGB is available now for $130.

Next up, we have the Gammaxx GT CPU air cooler. The RGB fan and heatsink are synchronized and can be controlled by the wired controller or through your motherboard's RGB header if so equipped. The heatsink's four copper heatpipes are bonded to 0.5mm-thick aluminum fins and cooled by a single 120mm RGB PWM fan equipped with anti-vibration pads on all four corners. The Gammaxx GT measures 135 x 84.8 x 156mm (W x L x H) and weighs in at a rather hefty 870g. The cooler is available now for $50.

Last but not least, we have the MF120 Smart Fan set. These 120mm fans feature a unique aluminum fan frame with embedded RGB lights that are controlled via a custom app. Deepcool claims that its double-layer blade design generates stronger air pressure at lower fans speeds than that of a standard 120mm fan. Fans speeds can be varied from 500-2200rpm for performance cooling or near silent operation. Additionally, the MF120 smart fans have rubber coated mounting holes to keep fan vibration to a minimum. The fans are now available in sets of three with an included RGB controller; each set costs $90.

  • nzalog
    Oh FML... Now not only RGB, but RGB with a effing app.
  • BulkZerker
    @nzalog Phillips does it and everyone clamors for it in their living room. Little Timmy does it in his case and half this site has an absolute fit.