DeepCool Debuts New Liquid Cooled Case, RGB Cooling Fans

DeepCool had plenty of awesome new gear to show off this year at Computex, including a brand new case with built in liquid cooling, a new RGB LED fan system and an update to its Neptwin CPU cooler.

DeepCool introduced the New Ark, which is an ATX-tower case with an integrated liquid cooling system. The cooling system consists of DeepCool's Captain water block coupled with a front mounted reservoir, cooling channel and a side mounted 360mm radiator.

DeepCool made the case entirely out of aluminum and it comes with brushed aluminum front and top panels. Internally, there’s room for a full ATX motherboard, as well as room for 3x 120mm cooling fans at the front and top of the case. The New Ark also features an aluminum power supply shroud that has a top-mounted PCIE slot, which lets you show off your graphics card by mounting it vertically.

The New Ark looks great, but it isn’t going to be cheap with an MSRP of $349.99. DeepCool is expecting it to be available around Q4 2016.

DeepCool also unveiled its new MF360 Magic Fans. The fans have a rather unique “inverted” design. An aluminum frame extends outward from the center of the fan and then passes to the rear of the fan, where it mounts to the case. The fans are powered by DeepCool’s new central fan controller, which controls speed and the built in RGB LED lighting. Even better, DeepCool gives users two options for controlling the fans through either the included desktop software or a separate mobile app that will launch with the fans.

The fans themselves will come bundled with the controller, and the assembly should be available around mid-to-late Q3 2016 with an MSRP of $69.99.

Finally, DeepCool introduced an updated version of its Neptwin CPU cooler. The new Neptwin RGB cooler takes the original model and gives it a blacked out heatsink with RGB lighting on top. The new cooler will also get a pair of DeepCool’s new RGB Magic Fans, which will add some extra customization in comparison to the current Neptwin cooler.

The Neptwin RGB will retain the original 160mm height, and its price and release date will be announced sometime in the near future.

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  • turbotong
    It looks like there's a cable that extends the PCI-E slot so that you can set up your graphics card to look pretty. I wonder if that affects performance at all.
  • monsta
    wow that actually looks good, would look even better with the EVGA cards with the ACX cooler and RGB lighting, guess it's using a riser for the card to be displayed that way, very cool!
  • cobra5000
    I love the gpu placement but can you crossfire/sli with this setup?
  • gofasterstripes
    I use a riser cable in a 970SLI rig and it's no issue at all. I did buy one with a capacitor at the GPU end, cost about $4 I think.
  • Sam Hain
    "Sealed" version of the TT Core P5 ATX, IMO but not in every aspect obviously; very nice case from the looks of it in any event.
  • Ionlydothis
    I think it looks far worse than their Genome case. That case looked pretty good and inspired. This just looks like a hackjob at home mod.

    I wouldn't mind seeing the GENOME case in brushed aluminum, though.
  • jasonelmore
    risers dont really affect performance. Just make sure it's a good one and not some bargain bin one.
  • tfman22
    The placement of the reservoir is horrendous. It looks like they ran out of space inside the chassis so they mounted the reservoir outside. Looks like a DIY gone wrong... Would have been better to simply throw the reservoir inside the case.