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Up Your MMO Skills: Logitech’s G600 Gaming Mouse Is Cheaper Than Ever

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Big into World of Warcraft? Want to pwn some n00bs in FFXIV? With the best holiday tech deals here to tempt, there's no shame in hunting for a cheap gaming mouse. Today, the Logitech G600, a mouse made specifically for MMO games, is selling for its lowest price ever, $23 on Amazon


Logitech’s G600 MMO - was $80, now $23 @ Amazon

Logitech’s G600 MMO - was $80, now $23 @ Amazon

The G600 boasts 20 programmable buttons, including 12 on aits thumb panel for quickly playing MMO games with ease. RGB doesn't hurt either. 

So what does that $23 net you? Well of course, the big grab are those 20 MMO-oriented buttons. According to Logitech, the 12 primary buttons located on the left side in the thumb rest were developed in conjunction with top MMO gamers and MMO developers alike. There are two carefully honed “dishes” of buttons (6 a piece) that are supposed to make it easy for muscle memory to record where each key is.  

You also get a healthy amount of RGB lighting, (again pulsing through those 12 buttons), on-the-fly DPI switching, a contoured ergonomic grip and an optical sensor. You also get a max acceleration of around 30Gs and a max speed of 160 IPS (4.0 m/s) before tracking drops off. 

At such a low price point, even if you don’t game on MMOs all the time, maybe with this mouse you'll reconsider. But if that's not for you, remember that we're also keeping track of the best gaming mice all year round. 


SensorLaser illuminated optical
Sensitivity200-8,000 CPI
Sensor ModelLogitech “gaming grade” laser-illuminated optical sensor
Polling Rate1000Hz
Programmable Buttons20
LEDs16.8 Million Colors
Cable Length2.1 M
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