GeIL Announces Polaris RGB DDR5 RAM For Avid Gamers

Polaris RGB DDR5
Polaris RGB DDR5 (Image credit: GeIL)

GeIL has revealed the brand's next-generation Polaris RGB DDR5 memory kits. The Polaris RGB will land in the fourth quarter of this year to compete with the best RAM on the market.

The Polaris RGB memory module sports an aggresive aluminium heat spreader complemented with flashy RGB lighting. GeIL stated that the memory will also be available without RGB illumination although the company didn't specify if the design will remain the same. GeIL put the Polaris RGB together with the high-quality ICs that are exhaustively tested with the company's patented DYNA 5 SLT tester.

As expected, GeIL's DDR5 memory leverages the latest DDR5 PMIC (Power Management IC) to allow precise voltage adjustment and user tweaking. The company expects the PMIC to help boost the memory module's performance, stability, and overclocking potential.

GeIL Polaris RGB DDR5 Specifications

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Data RatePrimary TimingsVoltage (V)

GeIL will sell the Polaris RGB as single 16GB modules and part of quad-channel memory kits with capacities up to 128GB (4x32GB). The entry-level memory kit starts at DDR5-4800 with 40-40-40 timings and a 1.1V DRAM voltage. However, faster offerings are already in the pipeline.

The top Polaris RGB DDR5 memory kit checks in at DDR5-7200 with timings configured to 36-44-44. However, GeIL didn't list the DRAM voltage for the memory module to hit the aforementioned data rate.

GeIL's DDR5 memory kits will be ready to accompany the upcoming DDR5 platforms, such as Intel's 12th Generation Alder Lake processors that may debut in late 2021 or early 2022. The hybrid desktop chips will likely be the first consumer processor to exploit the DDR5 standard.

GeIL didn't share the pricing for the Polaris RGB. Like any cutting-edge technology, DDR5 probably won't come cheap.

Zhiye Liu
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