Icy Dock's Black Vortex 4-In-3 HDD Cage Arrives

Icy Dock is known for making hard drive bays in all shapes and sizes; it is now announcing yet another one. The new unit is called the Black Vortex MB074SP-1B (the last part of the name being too cryptic to remember).

In short, this is a 4-bay hard drive cage which mounts into three 5.25" optical bays. Inside you will be able to fit four 3.5" drives. The bays are hot-swap bays, which means that the SATA power and data connectors are already fixed in place, and all you have to do is push a hard drive in. You won't need to manually connect these to the hard drive. Power is actually provided by just two SATA power connectors.

Because the company is called Icy Dock, they also must ensure that the hard drives are sufficiently cooled. For that reason, the front of the cage is equipped with a 120 mm fan, of which both the speed and the LEDs can be controlled manually. Users will also be able to replace the fan for alternate solutions. The unit also comes with a dust filter, as is expected from most enclosures these days.

The Icy Dock Black Vortex MB074SP-1B will ship with a three year warranty.

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  • TechyInAZ
    Nice! I wonder how much it is?
  • thundervore
    After years of using these things I ONLY use "trayless" hotswap racks, and the power and data connections must be opposite side of the motherboard tray. When the sleds break, or the trays fail you are SOL and must buy more sleds/trays from the company for a premium price.
  • Bean007
    Very Nice. I tell you what, dem guys at Icy Dock sure make some good stuff and come up with great ideas.