Step Into The SSD World With Intel's 1TB SSD 660p For $85

(Image credit: Intel)

Every computer deserves an SSD, and yours do too. If you have an empty M.2 slot, the Intel SSD 660p 1TB can be your new tenant. The SSD normally retails for over $100, but Newegg has it for $84.99 after applying the EMCTEVC22 promotional code at checkout.

The Intel SSD 660p is an M.2 2280 SSD that will provide you with 1TB of high-speed storage. The SSD communicates with your system through a conventional PCIe 3.0 x4 M.2 slot, which is pretty common on modern motherboards. Whether you need a primary storage device or just a backup drive, the Intel SSD 660p is a nice option.

The Intel SSD 660p unites Silicon Motion's SM2263 NVMe SSD controller with Intel's 64-layer 3D QLC (quad-level cell) NAND chips. This unique combination delivers sequential read and write speeds up to 1,800 MB/s. Random performance is rated for 150,000 IOPS reads and 220,000 IOPS writes.

The chipmaker rates the Intel SSD 660p with an endurance level of 200 TBW (terabytes written) and backs the drive with a limited five-year warranty.

Should You Buy This SSD?

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