Koolance Makes Water Block for AMD's R9 295X2 Card

Recently, Aqua Computer announced the first water block for the R9 295X2 graphics card from AMD, and now another manufacturer has joined. Koolance has built the VID-AR295X2, which is also a water block for AMD's dual-GPU behemoth.

Unlike the Aqua Computer block, Koolance only plans to sell the block in a nickel-plated version, which isn't such a bad thing as it prevents users from buying a block that will slowly corrode over time. The block's inner works are still made of copper, though. The block covers both of the GPUs as well as the memory and VRM circuitry. Over the GPU areas, there are micro-structures with a 0.5 mm design for added heat transfer.

The block also covers the entire card with parts of it made of Acetal. Connectors are present for the standard G1/4" fittings, so it'll be compatible with most custom water loops.

The block is already available and in stock directly from Koolance with a  price tag of $179.99.

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