LEPA's Computex Lineup Includes New PSUs, Cases And An RGB Cooler

LEPA had a number of new products to debut at Computex, including new PSUs, cases and coolers.


LEPA introduced two new MAXTYTAN PSUs at Computex. Both are 80 PLUS Titanium certified and address totally different market segments. The high-end MAXTYTAN unit has 1250W max power and features a fully modular cabling design, whereas the smaller member of this family only has 500W capacity and doesn't feature any modular cables, in order to keep production costs down. The MSRP of the MAXTYTAN 1250W is set at $390, and the 500W model has a suggested retail price of 160 bucks, which looks rather stiff, actually, especially if you take into account that this unit isn't equipped with any modular cables.

Another interesting feature of the MAXTYTAN units is the digital interface that allows the monitoring of the PSU's status and also provides control over the fan's speed. In addition, the power watch technology provides output wattage information on an external display. The mass production of the MAXTYTAN models will start in late August.

We should note here that there's limited availability of low-capacity Titanium units in the market today, so it is nice to see manufacturers enriching this market segment with new offerings. Currently, the smallest Titanium unit has 600W capacity (SilverStone ST60F-TI), but several manufacturers besides LEPA are preparing low- and mid-capacity Titanium models, so if you plan to get one, you may want to wait until the smoke clears.

Not That "VR"

LEPA's VR Gold PSU line consists of three Gold members with capacities ranging from 500W to 700W. The MSRPs of the 500W, 600W and 700W units are $75, 85$ and $95, respectively. All units support LEPA's Variable Resistor (VR) design that allows the adjustment of the fan's speed through a turbo switch. This is a feature that we haven't encountered for quite some time now, and most likely such a feature doesn't address the majority of users who prefer to adjust the fan profile through software (in digitally controlled PSUs).

LPC Chassis

LEPA also released two cases, the LPC502 (MSRP: $50) and the LPC201 (MSRP: $40). The former supports 240mm liquid cooling kits and up to twelve 120mm fans, and the latter is a micro-ATX case featuring smoked acrylic covers. The LPC201 can accommodate up to five 120mm fans for increased airflow. Both cases are expected in late July.

EXllusion Coolers

In the cooling section, LEPA introduced the EXllusion 280 and 360 semi-DIY liquid coolers. These two new kits, as their model numbers imply, feature 280mm and 360mm radiators and support hard-tubing installation. The max supported TDP is quite high at 400W, and the MSRPs are $130 and $150 for the EXllusion 280 and 360, respectively.

NEOllusion: RGB RC On A Cooler?

Another new cooler on LEPA's roster is the NEOllusion, which, according to LEPA, is the world's first RGB CPU air cooler featuring a remote control. The RC allows the adjustment of the LED colors and the lighting effects. There are LED light strips on both sides of the cooler.

Other technologies supporting this product include VGF (Vortex Generator Flow), TCC (Thermal Conducting Coating) and HDT (Heat-pipe Direct Touch). The max supported TDP is 200W. In addition, the cooler utilizes Enermax's patented DFR (Dust Free Rotation) technology, and it is equipped with a Twister Bearing fan that promises a lengthy lifetime. The MSRP is set at $60, and the product will hit the market in late July.

The Chopper Advance

Another new release from LEPA is the Chopper Advance fan, which features a singular cycling LED design and a dual-ring pattern. The same fan also utilizes a modular frame with a special design that increases airflow. LEPA's Barometric Oilless (BOL) Bearing promises silent operation and increased lifetime. The Chopper Advance will be available in four colors (blue, red, green and white), and it will cost $20 when it's released in late July.

Finally, LEPA showed off an audio product, the Q-Boom portable Bluetooth speaker featuring a selfie remote control, music play and hands-free talking. The provided remote control can pair with most smartphones without the need of a special application. The MSRP sits at 18 bucks, and it is expected to hit the market in late June.

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Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • Mac266
    PLEASE Tom's, hire a better proof reader. Bold text just randomly out of nowhere in the middle of a sentence? Well, at least it's not a ridiculous typo.
  • turkey3_scratch
    $160 PSU. Doesn't even have modularity. You got to be kidding me. I don't care if it's Titanium, it's a $160 unit for Pete's sake. It is possible, maybe, that they didn't want to use modularity since that can reduce efficiency ever so slightly, but I still find that bad. Andf then $390 MSRP for their other one.

    My question will be who will buy these things? Even if they are sold for less than MSRP they'll still likely be overpriced unless their quality exceeds that of the best PSUs. I guess, though, a server environment would be ideal for them. And I love that little knob to control the fan; physical knob > software.

    On the other hand, those gold rated units could become competing products.