LG Electronics Launching AMD FreeSync Monitor Next Week

LG Electronics has unveiled a new monitor aimed at PC gamers wanting the best frame rates from their AMD-based hardware. Packing a 3840 x 2160 resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio, this 27-inch IPS monitor (model 27MU67) supports AMD's Freesync technology and will be available to purchase at select retailers next week in the United States.

As a brief recap, AMD's FreeSync technology eliminates screen ripping and stuttering by syncing the monitor's refresh rate with the APU's or GPU's frame rates in real time. In other words, when the GPU or APU renders a frame, the monitor updates the screen with the new one. The end result is a smoother experience in games like first-person shooters that rely heavily on fluid frame rates.

In addition to FreeSync, the new monitor also provides a Game Mode hot key that allows gamers to customize the monitor's settings for each game. These modes include three "gamer" modes, two "first-person shooter" modes, and an RTS pre-set mode.

As for other game-focused features, the new monitor includes a Flicker Safe function that helps reduce eye fatigue. There's also a Black Stabilizer feature that illuminates dark areas on the screen, revealing the enemy's hiding place within a shadowy scene.

According to the product page, the new monitor provides a 4-Screen Split feature. Ideal for the busy professional, users can resize any window, and the others automatically adjust in the available screen space. There's also a Dual Linkup feature that allows two devices to connect to the monitor simultaneously, such as a console and a smartphone. One device must be connected via the HDMI port and the other using the DisplayPort connector.

As previously stated, the display will be made available next week for a suggested price of $599.99. Is the price too steep? There's a lot of goodness going on with this monitor, especially for those with AMD GPUs and APUs. Currently, LG Electronics doesn't specify where this display can be purchased, but we expect the product page to reveal more details next week.

Model 27MU67
3840 x 2160
Aspect Ratio
Contrast Ratio
1000:1 (Response Time: 5 ms GTG)
300 nits
Color Gamut
99 Percent Adobe sRGB Color Space
Color Depth
10 bit (8 bit + A-FRC)
IPS With 178 Degree Viewing Angles

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  • GMDS44
    If only this was 1440p.....:(
  • Gaidax
    Not bad, but I'd wait another year honestly. I don't want to marry to AMD, so I'd rather have a decent 1440p monitor that supports both GSYNC and Freesync together, I bet we will have such a hybrid one day.

    4k is just off my reach, not because monitor is expensive, but because you need ridiculous setup to actually have decent FPS there with good quality settings, maybe 2 years or so when Nvidia pop out Pascal with HBM, it might be feasible enough - 4k with a single enthusiast GPU.
  • UncleVesper
    "LG Electronics has unveiled a new monitor aimed at PC gamers wanting the best frame rates from their AMD-based hardware."

    If PC gamers wanted the best framerates, they would not buy a 4K monitor.