Linksys Packs Trend Micro Net Filtering into Routers

Wishing that you did not have to deal with software-based firewalls installed on your PC, which are themselves prone to external attack that can make them appear to work when really they aren't?

Linksys has teamed up with Trend Micro in an effort to integrate the Home Network Defender internet security software into its routers, which would provide the same protection as a software firewall on your PC except it would take care of business from the router. Home Network Defender was previously a software application for PCs that performed this same function, however even though it functioned well, it was still software installed on your PC which actually makes it vulnerable within itself.

The new implementation is included with the Linksys WRT310N and WRT610N but will not detect and remove infections from data streams going to and from your computer--this would require far more powerful hardware in order to make process packets in real-time. Linksys did hint that more advanced network monitoring features would be possible for future hardware.

The router implementation of Home Network Defender will control access to websites accessed by PCs on your private network. Access will be controlled by a predetermined criteria as well as being in constant contact with Trend Micro’s servers to determine how secure a site is that is being requested. Sensitivity of the criteria will be user adjustable and users will still be able to enter their own website addresses that they believe are dangerous or safe.

Users that currently own the WRT310N or WRT610N will be able to obtain the Home Network Defender for their routers via a firmware upgrade. Pricing will run at $60/year along with a special $10 discount for the first 60 days. The service also includes four free copies of Trend Micro’s AntiVirus software that can be installed on your PC.

  • scryer_360
    At first the prices seem a little high, but for liscenses of Trend included? deal.
  • blackbeastofaaaaagh
    If it can't analyze traffic to and from your network then there is not much point to the firewall.