Logic Supply Launches its ML300 Intel NUC Systems

A while ago we presented you with leaked information on Logic Supply's ML300 NUC enclosure, and while its essential design is still the same, it has now been launched and Logic Supply has released a cool product video for it.

The ML300 systems come with the NUC board, some memory, an mSATA SSD, and a number of other options. That said, the notable part of the ML300 systems is the enclosure, which is a larger NUC enclosure with better cooling, and an extra bit of space for use as an expansion bay. Prices start at just over $500.

The case is meant to be a fanless enclosure. Due to its larger size and external design, the entire case acts as a heatsink. Logic Supply also tells you to "put your NUC where it doesn't belong." It is dust-proof, fanless, has a VESA mounting mechanism, and due to the expansion bay can even house things such as battery packs or hard drives (possibly for newer NUCs which might have SATA ports).

More information, as well as purchasing options of the ML300 systems can be found here.

The ML300 - Intel's NUC Redefined by Logic Supply: Fanless, Rugged, and Expandable

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  • DelightfulDucklings
    That's, well... interesting
  • hardcore_gamer
  • mk3090
    Not loving the orange, but this system looks solid. One of the better fanless nuc systems out there with a decent price tag.