No Kitchen Sink? Today’s Newegg Shuffle Has Kettles, Convection Ovens and Uber Eats

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Either Newegg’s gone mad with shuffle power or someone’s crossed its wires with Amazon’s, because today’s Newegg Shuffle only has one GPU, but does have kettles, fruit dehydrators and Uber Eats gift cards.

For the unaware, the Newegg Shuffle is a daily raffle event where users can sign up for a chance to buy otherwise sold-out items from Newegg. This was supposedly started so that people could get their hands on hard-to-find components, but it seems like that’s changing.

Today’s selection of 77 items is a pretty sharp departure from the usual dozen or so RTX 3000 series GPUs that we’ve gotten used to seeing in these shuffles. Yes, there are also monitors, RAM and coolers to be found here, but the sheer amount of strange picks has us wondering what Newegg is going for today. Does the Newegg Shuffle still really exist to give people an opportunity to buy rare components, or is there some other goal now?

If you click on today’s offerings, even the strangest ones (we’re looking at you, Rosewill digital infrared halogen convection oven) are still technically listed as otherwise sold out. But we doubt that even scalpers are chomping at the bit for these.

There’s still some utility to be found in today’s Shuffle, of course, although you’ll have to dig for it. Today’s Ryzen CPU offering, the Ryzen 7 5800X, will come in at $379 if you apply the SHUFFLE25MAY54 promo code, although sites like Amazon aren’t too much more expensive and don’t require you to enter a raffle. The Asus ROG Strix RTX 3070 is also up for grabs today at $859. Ouch.

It’s possible that today’s Newegg Shuffle is working as a stress test for the system, so the site can verify how much Shuffle traffic is coming from prospective graphics cards buyers. Alternately, maybe the warehouse has a few old Rosewill appliances that Newegg wants to get rid of, even if their non-shuffle listings say “sold out.”

Either way, you have 3 hours left to sign up for a chance to buy these “hot” items.

Michelle Ehrhardt

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  • drinking12many
    Yeah agreed it was just strange. I have been really hoping to get a RTX 3070 have tried for weeeeeks. Finally got picked for a B550 MB and an RX 6700 XT (the other night). So I guess I will use that for now. I will move my X370 over to my kids and give them my old 1700x I guess. Since I long upgraded my desktop to a 3700X. The 6700 XT will still be a huge step up over my 580 which too will probably get handed down to the kids since they have a 4GB 570.
  • mike1372
    Thank you for the article. Where did you find the "SHUFFLE25MAY54" code? I see no mention of it anywhere but here. Thank you.