Nixeus Delivers 1440p IPS Monitor With 100% sRGB For $399

Despite 4K being all the rage right now, if you’re looking for quality panels for professional use, prices tend to get very steep. That’s not the case with lower-resolution displays, which is why Nixeus’ new NX-VUE27P monitor comes with a spec sheet that mimics that of professional displays but at a relatively friendly price tag.

Nixeus uses a 27-inch panel that packs a 2560x1440 resolution. In sRGB mode, the IPS panel supports 16.7 million colors with 100% gamut, but with AdobeRGB, the support bumps to 1.07 billion colors. Nixeus backlit the panel with LED lighting, and it has 6ms gray-to-gray response times.

Display inputs consist of DisplayPort, Dual-Link DVI, HDMI, and VGA. Nixeus includes a Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable to facilitate connecting the monitor to Macs or notebooks that only support Mini-DisplayPort connections.

This certainly wouldn’t be the most ideal monitor to purchase for gaming; its response times are too long, and a refresh rate of 60Hz without any form of tear-reducing tech stops it from being ideal. However, if you’re someone who works on graphic design, photo editing, or video editing, monitors like these suddenly become much more relevant. Most professionals avoid glossy-type monitors, though as a content creator it may prove interesting: it brings you closer to what the consumer of your content will experience, as even today, most desktop and notebook monitors are glossy. Nixeus did not say whether the monitor is color calibrated from the factory.

The VX-VUE27P is priced at $399 and is available for purchase immediately.

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  • 3ogdy
    Dell delivers U2515H (UltraSharp, anyone?), a 25" 1440p IPS panel monitor with 2xHDMI, 6xUSB 3.0, 2xDP, miniDP, DaisyChain support, extremely thin edges (unlike those trick products from LG) for optimal multi-screen setups for ...what was it, $340? Nix.. who?

    Did I mention it has adjustable height, it can swivel and can be used in portrait mode?
    It's a good buy if you must have 10-bit color support, other than that...
  • Poozle
    I got an asus of the exact specs of this on sale at newegg for 259$ or something... why would I get this? (Yes the asus has 1440p and 100% SRGB)
  • wifiburger
    Dell delivers disappointments in shipping boxes !