NZXT’s GRID+ V3 Now Available

In addition to the launch of its new H series line of cases, NZXT announced the newest member of the GRID+ family of digital fan controllers.

The NZXT GRID+ V3 is the third version of the company’s internal digital fan controller. Building on the success of previous versions of GRID+ fan controllers, NZXT has added new features and functionality that allows end users to fully customize and monitor fan performance.

This software-controlled digital fan controller has the ability to manage up to six individual fans via headers that automatically detect whether a  3-pin or 4-pin PWM fan has been connected to the control unit. The GRID+ V3 is capable of delivering up to 5 watts of power per channel.

NZXT added a small Noise Detection Module that uses adaptive noise reduction technology to automatically optimize fan speed for performance, silence, or a mixture of both. There is also a 0dB fan feature that allows for near silent operation.

This compact unit measures just 125 x 78 x 15mm (WxHxD) and can be mounted in a variety of locations, including the space behind your motherboard tray. The control unit can be attached to your system via magnet or the included 3M dual-lock hook-and-loop fastener.

As with previous version of GRID+ digital fan controllers, the company's proprietary CAM software offers real-time monitoring and can be used to manage fan profiles and monitor GPU and CPU temperatures, as well. Those of you who prefer to manually set fan speeds will be glad to learn that there's no need to rely on the software's preset profile; the included CAM software also allows you to set custom fan profiles.

The NZXT GRID+ V3 is available now on the company's website for $50.

  • compprob237
    Wow, thanks for actually linking to the product instead of expecting us to search for it.
  • dark_wizzie
    Is that 5w per channel or 6 channels add up to 5w? Assuming the latter? That would make the output higher than Aquaero.
  • gggplaya
    20283538 said:
    Is that 5w per channel or 6 channels add up to 5w? Assuming the latter? That would make the output higher than Aquaero.

    I would assume the latter also since it has it's own power connector to the power supply, 30watts is nothing.
  • thundervore
    For some odd reason the top of the product description is in what appears to be German and the bottom is English.

    Also the whole barrel plug needs to go away