Packard Bell Unveils Nvidia Ion Nettop

Remember Packard Bell? The company’s been out of mindshare for some time now, but it hopes to turn that all around.

The company today launched a new logo with a new tagline, “Puredesire.” It’s all a part of the new reinvigorating after being acquired from Acer. Along with it comes a new product line.

The Acer AspireRevo was the first nettop built off of the Nvidia Ion chipset and it seems that the Packard Bell iMax mini will be the second.

Sadly, the Packard Bell iMax mini is little more than a rebadged AspireRevo, which means the modest Atom N230 along with 2 GB RAM, 250 GB HDD, six USB ports, HDMI and VGA out.

Right now the Nvidia Ion crew is still quite sparse with only the two aforementioned nettops and Lenovo’s just announced S12 netbook being the only backers. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more Nvidia Ion products next week at Computex.

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  • puddleglum
    Why bring back a name that only had negative conotations?
  • grieve
    wow Packard Bell...
    I havnt heard or thought of them in years! 5 or 10 years even. I didn't even know Acer bought them.
  • gwolfman
    My first personally owned computer (my dad bought for me when I was ~12 or so) was a Pentium 66MHz from PB. Wow, I thought they totally disappeared.