Phanteks Announces New Additions To Its Glacier Fitting Series Lineup

Phanteks announced that it has added a handful of new products to its Glacier Fitting Series, including GPU extenders, T-splitters, adapters, and 16mm hard tube adapters. Originally spotted at Computex 2017, these fittings are now ready for retail.

The company stated that these new fittings are CNC-machined from solid brass and precisely engineered to create a high-flow design for extreme water cooling performance. The new Glacier fittings are available for universal and hard tube applications and come in satin black and mirror chrome finishes.

The company uses Viton o-rings for improved durability and an overall superior seal compared to those made of regular rubber. Viton is an elastomer commonly used in all manner of sealing applications, including industrial use and the automotive and aerospace industries. Viton seals are popular due to their excellent compression properties and resistance to most oils and petroleum-based fuels and lubricants.

O-rings and seals made of Viton are also resistant to oxidation, UV exposure, fungus, and mold. This material has an effective operating range between 5°F and 400°F, making it an excellent choice for applications such as water cooling fittings.

It should be noted that just because these fittings are made by Phanteks, they do not necessarily have to be used with other Phanteks products. These fittings are compatible with any aftermarket open-loop water cooling system that uses standard G1/4 type fittings.

Phanteks stated the new Glacier Fitting Series will be available in “September 2017” and listed prices ranging from $18 to $20 for the hard tube fitting and $4 to $14 for the universal fittings.

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Hard Tubing
16MM Adapter 45°   PH-A45_BK_16 / PH-A45_CR_16$18
16MM Adapter 90°PH-A90_BK_16 / PH-A90_CR_16$20
16MM Rotary Fitting 45°PH-RA45_BK16 / PH-RA45_CR16$20
16MM Rotary Fitting 90°PH-RA90_BK16 / PH-RA90_CR16$20
Universal Fittings
F-F Adapter, G1/4PH-FFA_BK_G1-4 / PH-FFA_CR_G1-4$4
M-F Rotary Adapter, G1/4PH-RA_BK_MF / PH-RA_CR_MF$8
M-M Adapter, G1/4PH-MMA_BK_G1-4 / PH-MMA_CR_G1-4$5
T-Splitter Adapter, G1/4PH-TS_BK_G1-4 / PH-TS_CR_G1-4$8
Multi-GPU 16-22 Adjustable Extender PH-MGE_BK_16  PH-MGE_CR_16 $13$14