Philips Launching 2-in-1 Monitor This Fall

On Tuesday during COMPUTEX 2014 in Taipei, Philips Monitors announced that it won the show's d&i Gold Award for the world's first "virtually" seamless Two-in-One Monitor (model 19DP6QJNS). This setup combines two 19-inch IPS screens mounted on a single "space-saving" base, thus creating one nearly-seamless 32-inch panoramic display.

According to the company, both screens have a 3.5 mm narrow border and can tilt forward and backward up to 22.5 degrees. Also included are two USB ports on each panel, one DisplayPort and VGA input on the first panel, and one VGA input and one MHL-enabled HDMI port on the second panel. MHL means Mobile High-Definition Link, and will charge an MHL-compatible device while its digital audio and video are sent to the big screen. Think of MHL as three lanes (power, video, audio) rather than the standard two in HDMI.

"The Philips Two-in-One Monitor is the optimum display for any environment," states the PR. "Perfect for expanding space at the office, the monitor allows side-by-side comparisons and more screen area for reviewing documents, helping to enhance efficiency and productivity. Ideal for designers using 3D graphics or requiring extremely detailed information for CAD-CAM solutions, the connected screens allow for more space to create and use multiple design tools."

The company also indicates that this setup would be perfect for gamers, allowing for an awesome panoramic view in single-player, or as a way to compare two machines running the same game that are side-by-side. Multiplayer should be a blast on this dual-monitor setup as well.

That's all the details for now. The upcoming Two-in-One Monitor is expected to launch this Fall for an unknown price.

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  • DarkSable
    Huh... not something I'm interested in, but very interesting nonetheless. I could see this becoming very popular as an office monitor, because there's only a single stand and thus a much smaller footprint.
  • sparkyman215
    I might pick one up if it's at a good price... It looks pretty good
  • gnarr
    Two 19-inch displays side by side create a 34.4-inch panoramic display, not 38-inch.