PowerColor Next To Bring R9 Fury Graphics Card To Market

The AMD Radeon R9 Fury just launched, and so far we've seen the Sapphire Tri-X variant, and Asus' Strix R9 Fury that comes with the new DirectCU III cooler. Now, PowerColor sent us the information about its own card, which it simply calls the PowerColor R9 Fury.

The card, like Sapphire's version, appears to come with the same PCB as a reference Fury X and a cooler that is much longer than that PCB. The cooler on the card uses three 90 mm fans, along with six 8 mm heat pipes, and a black plated shroud.

As far as the card's specifications go, there is very little that is remarkable about it. The GPU runs at a reference clock speed of 1000 MHz, with the memory clocked at an effective speed of 1.0 GHz. Of course, we needn't remind you that the low memory speed is due to the super-wide memory interface, which is 4096-bits wide because of the HBM memory.

In addition, the card comes with a dual BIOS, packing a switch on the side so that you can alternate between the two. This feature is especially useful if you're overclocking the card heavily and manage to find your way to an irrecoverable overclock – just switch back to the other BIOS, and you're good to go again. Of course, it's part of the reference PCB spec on the Fury X, too, so it's no surprise that PowerColor's card has it, seeing as it is using the same board design.

Display outputs consist of three DisplayPort connectors and an HDMI connector. PowerColor didn't announce pricing or availability, but chances are that the manufacturer will be slightly more competitively priced than its current two competitors (Sapphire and Asus).

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  • ykki
    Dat heatsink tho....
  • kawininjazx
    I got a sapphire toxic 270x and the thing is so big I had to beat my case to fit it in, as you will see in my avatar pic
  • Mike Coberly
    "with the memory clocked at an effective speed of 1.0 GHz"
    HBM runs at 500Mhz.
  • Himson Li
    I have no clue why they ditched the renowned PCS+ branding.

  • AndrewJacksonZA
    @ykki: I think that their choice to use an "oversized" heatsink like that is an intelligent one. I like it, good thinking on their part as the air can flow much easier through the heatsink.
  • ykki
    But I like it too...