2TB Samsung 870 QVO SSD Hits New $179 Low

Samsung 870 QVO
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It's been less than a year since Samsung took another step into the world of QLC drives with the 870 QVO, a 2.5 inch SSD that's got higher capacity and slightly improved performance over typical SATA drives. Now the 870 QVO has hit a new low price, with the 2TB version specifically costing just $179.

Samsung 870 QVO: was $219, now $179 at Amazon

Samsung 870 QVO: was $219, now $179 at Amazon
The Samsung 870 QVO is a 2.5 inch QLC SSD that connects over SATA and boasts sequential read/write speeds of 560/520 MBps. The 2TB version is rated for 720 TB worth of endurance.

This new deal gives you a price of about 9 cents per gigabyte. On top of that, you get a 3 year warranty, AES-256 encryption and a software suite for easily migrating files and monitoring your SSD's status.

Our review for this drive suggested using it for storing games or other bulk data, but not for workstation activity, since it can only sustain 0.33 drive writes per day. In other words, you can only overwrite about a third of this drive's capacity daily if you don't want to wear it out during its warranty period.

So, while it's arguable whether you could count this among the best SSDs, it's still a great choice for casual users who are looking to keep a lot of data on hand and are tired of hard drives.

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  • Alvar "Miles" Udell
    I think the only reason you wouldn't count it as one of the best SSDs is because once the 70GB or so SLC cache is filled the write speed drops to 160MB/s until writes stop and the cache flushes, BUT as a home user the number of times you'd be in a situation where you'd write that much at one time AND be transferring data at a speed that exceeds 160MB/s is rare, that's faster than gigabit internet speeds.

    But it's an SATA SSD, and tests show that in the real world there's very little no noticeable difference in real world use. Less than one second in game load time vs a 860 Evo, and fractions of seconds difference in non gaming applications. Professional and workstation yeah, go Evo or Pro, but for any home user, for $180, it's an unbeatable value at this time, especially as memory prices are set to rise over the near term.