Scythe Releases Big Shuriken 3 CPU Cooler for SFF Systems

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For those who are considering building a small form factor (SFF) PC, another CPU heat sink has hit the market vying for your dollars. Today, Scythe added to their already long line of CPU cooling solutions with the Big Shuriken 3 (BS3). The BS3, like its predecessor, is designed for SFF systems using an asymmetric design said to yield uninhibited access to RAM modules. The new model appears to have a lot more beef to it, along with a new mounting system that should keep that low-volume SFF running cool.

Scythe Big Shuriken 3 CPU Cooler Specs

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Model NumberSCBSK-3000
CPU SocketsIntel LGA: 775/115x/1366/2011(v3)/2066AMD: AM2(+)/AM3(+)/AM4/FM1/FM2(+)
Dimensions (WxDxH)122 x 122 x 69 mm
Fan Size120 x 120 x 15 mm(Upgradeable to 25 mm fan)
Heatpipe5x 6mm
Fan Speed300±200~1800 RPM (±10%)
Air Flow8.28~50.79 CFM
Static Pressure0.23~1.35 mmH20
Noise2.7~30.4 dBA
Weight475g (with fan)

What looks to be the biggest difference between the BS2 and BS3 is the the size of the fin array. The fin array was extended down into the heat pipes and closer to the base of the cooler. This increases fin area and, in theory, provides better cooling in a shorter package. The BS2 used five heat pipes looping up to the fin array, and the BS3 also uses five, but instead of looping out both sides of the heat sink to make contact with the fins, it snakes through the much thicker fins on one side. 

The BS3 includes the recently developed Kaze Flex 12015 mm slim fan (the 15 represents the thickness) to move air down through the updated heat sink. This fan is able to run from 300-1800 RPM with up to 50.79 CFM and 1.35 mmH20. Using this type of fan, the total height on the unit is 69 mm, cut almost in half compared to the BS2. The cooler also has an option for swapping the included 15 mm fan to a fan with a more common 25 mm thickness for increased cooling performance with a slight increase in overall height.

(Image credit: Scythe)

The BS3 also brought with it an improved mounting solution from the clip (AMD) or pushpins (Intel) used on the BS2. In its announcement today, Scythe claimed the new HPMS III mounting system guarantees a convenient and user-friendly installation process and provides perfect contact pressure on all current sockets and platforms.

While we do not have one in hand to confirm these statements, the new mounting solution at least looks to be a lot more robust than the previous Big Shuriken. To that end, the cooler supports Intel LGA 775 115x / 1366 / 2011(v3) / 2066 and AMD AM2(+) / AM3(+) / AM4 / FM1 / FM2(+) sockets; TR4 (for AMD Threadripper processors) need not apply.

The Scythe Big Shuriken 3 is available now, including at Amazon and Newegg, for $44.99 / £49.76.

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