Snow White Borg Cube Is Ready To Assimilate Your Desktop

Star Trek Artifact Borg Cube ATX - Snow White Edition
(Image credit: CherryTree Inc)

Set phasers to STUNNING! It appears that even the Borg's resistance to RGB is futile. This all white RGB Borg Cube case from CherryTree Inc looks set to assimilate your desktop and then the Alpha Quadrant!

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The best PC cases provide great cooling and expansion while looking good and this snow white Borg cube certainly looks good. Externally the case is based upon "The Artifact" from season 1 of Picard. This former Borg cube is now a scientific interest to the Romulans and (spoilers) houses a number of former Borg drones. 

The case is nothing new, the original version was released in 2020 and matched the Borg's aesthetic or dark industrial "greebles" and green LEDs. This $399 snow white case is for ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards and measures 15 inches cubed (it has to be cubed!) and has space for three 120mm RGB fans (included but this can be upped to six fans) and can be fitted with a 5 or 7 inch screen. If you really want take things to maximum warp then an additional $100 will get you RGB fibre optics to add even more of a menacing glow.

The starting price of $399 means that this is for dedicated fans. If we fully customize this case with 7 inch screen, high airflow bottom plate, fibre optics, laser engraved crate and an engraved backplate, then this cube will cost a heft $692. But for the die hard Star Trek fan "resistance is futile".

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Star Trek Artifact Borg Cube ATX Technical Details
Motherboard SupportE-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Dimensions15 x 15 x 15 inches
Maximum GPU Length370mm
Maximum Cooler Length200mm
Expansion Slots6
Maximum PSU Length225mm
Drive Bays3 x 3.5 inch
Cooling3 x 120mm RGB fans included. Up to six fans can be installed. Liquid cooling optional
Radiator Compatibility120 / 240mm rear

The case supports up to a 1000w PSU (size dependent) and up to three "large" GPUs according to the product description. Digging into the instruction manual and we can see that there is support for the best GPUs up to 370mm in length

The option to install a screen inside the case is, interesting. It could show system stats, videos to enhance the atmosphere or entertain the collective as they go about their daily chores.

This isn't the only Star Trek case in CherryTree's range. There are smaller "Micro Cubes", a cuboid Borg Hive that houses a NAS and a mod for Apple's Mac Mini. Sure all of these cases are geeky, but we kind of like that. You've got a huge slab of plastic and metal in your room, it should look good!

Les Pounder

Les Pounder is an associate editor at Tom's Hardware. He is a creative technologist and for seven years has created projects to educate and inspire minds both young and old. He has worked with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to write and deliver their teacher training program "Picademy".

  • Roland Of Gilead
    I've not seen the original, but I have to admit, that looks pretty cool!
  • bolweval
    Must be hell to keep clean..
  • Sarah Jacobsson Purewal
    ok, this is pretty cool.
  • Eximo
    So Negative Borg.

    Agreement is Fruitful! (Somehow still terrifying)
  • coromonadalix
    Resistance is futile, you will be ..... and buy the case

    Cool but is there an darker version ? Oh ok there is .......... niiice just put an Entreprise ship nearby loll
  • Co BIY
    Foolish nostalgic decadence of a race who will beg to be assimilated just to stop the boredom of their tedious and meaningless lives ...

    or just good clean fun!

    I'd fire up my replicator (or 3D printer) for one but I don't think I would want to live with it long term. (Or have to make payments on my case).

    The pictures need to have a cup of "Tea, hot, Earl Grey" sitting next to them.
  • The whole resistance is futile, was first used by the Daleks
  • jtimouri
    In the old days it used to be wonderful to peer into the guts of a radio and see the nightscape of tubes all lit up. I often thought a mass of tubes working away would make a great fireplace insert. Somehow RGB lighting or a video screen inside the PC case doesn't do it for me, but is the appeal similar to what I felt years ago?
  • Eximo
    Incandescent flicker/flame bulbs is what you are after then, a small array of them will produce a decent amount of heat and give you a clean naked flame look. Not exactly easy to come by, but way easier than large working vacuum tubes.
  • bit_user
    jtimouri said:
    Somehow RGB lighting or a video screen inside the PC case doesn't do it for me, but is the appeal similar to what I felt years ago?
    Agreed. I'm not into lighting just for the sake of aesthetics. However, I like the idea of functional lighting, such as to let you know how much I/O the system is doing and the CPU load.