Swiftech Working on Radically Different AIO Cooler: H220X

Image Source: Hardware-360.comImage Source: Hardware-360.com

It's been a while since Swiftech has removed its H220 from the US market to prevent litigation. Even though Cooler Master now sells the Glacer 240L cooler (which is essentially a Swiftech H220 with Cooler Master branding), it's time for Swiftech to re-enter the all-in-one liquid cooling market with its own name. It seems that Swiftech is working on the H220X, which is, again, a wildly different offering from what's already on the market.

It seems that someone at Swiftech refuses to allow the company to bring out any unoriginal products.Image Source: Hardware-360.comImage Source: Hardware-360.com

The H220X, as reported by Hardware-360.com, is an all-in-one water cooling unit that features a 240 mm radiator, a pump, and a CPU water block. The difference with conventional units comes in the arrangement of these goods. Like the H220, the reservoir rests with the radiator, though this time in a slightly different manner. This is to hide the pump, which is attached to the radiator/reservoir combo.

The water block looks like it is a new block, since it has a design that we haven't seen before.

As with the H220, it looks like the unit will again be expandable, allowing the addition of graphics cards to the loop as well as additional radiators.

The report carried little information to make us look at the unit as formally in development. Instead, we'll tag this one as a rumor for the time being.

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  • brady121294
    Looks great, glad I didn't buy a H220. My NH-D14 will hang in there until the next wave of AIO's are released.. Or at least until I can be bothered to do a custom loop.
  • 06yfz450ridr
    looks pretty nice with that res
  • fatboytyler
    Love my H220 and the support is the best I've ever dealt with among any company out there. I just hope Asetek doesn't get pissed again and threaten lawsuit in the US...