Synaptics Launches New Touch Interfaces

The new ForcePad is said to be about 40 percent thinner than the company’s previous ClickPad, while ThinTouch targets Ultrabooks and enables keyboards that are also 40 percent thinner than conventional keyboards.

The ForcePad is a is a multi-finger, variable force detection, capacitive touch pad, which Synaptics hopes will make a splash with Windows 8 devices for a "fluid touch experience". ThinTouch promises improved manufacturability and reliability, as well as improved backlighting and adds capacitive technology to keyboards. According to Synaptics, ThinTouch enables new multi-modal usage modals that combine touch pad, keyboard and touchscreen user experiences.

“ForcePad literally redefines the human-computer interface for every notebook and desktop PC user who wants the ultimate touch experience," said Mark Vena, senior vice president and general manager of Synaptics PC Division. "ForcePad provides the industry’s best performing and most innovative TouchPad, and provides an unparalleled consistent and premium user experience to PC OEMs across their portfolio of products.”

Synaptics also announced an upgrade to it existing Clearpad Series. The ClearPad Series 7 will be targeting Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows RT touchscreens with support for screens up to 17 inches in size.

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  • icemunk
    Good luck, hopefully they innovate some nice new features.. I have a feeling the average touchpad's days are numbered
  • master_chen
    40 percent thinner than the ClickPad

    Dayum, that's actually thin.
  • el33t
    ........Synaptics has new touch devices that can reduced the width of notebooks........