TeamGroup Adds RGB Bling to DDR5-5600 Memory Modules

(Image credit: TeamGroup)

Now that the majority of memory module houses have formally announced their upcoming DDR5 modules featuring blazingly high data transfer rates, the battle for the most stylish DDR5 unbuffered DIMMs begins. TeamGroup has introduced its T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 that are anything but shy as they not only have addressable RGB LEDs, but also rather extravagant heat spreaders. 

TeamGroup's T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 line-up includes 16GB and 32GB modules with data transfer rates between 4800 MT/s and 5600 MTs as well as featuring next-generation XMP 3.0 SPD profiles to make setting their speeds easier. Like other DDR5 modules, T-Force Delta RGB memory sticks come equipped with their own voltage regulating circuitry and power management IC (PMIC), but the manufacturer currently does not disclose voltages supported by the UDIMMs. 

In addition to performance, the design of TeamGroup's T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 is another selling point of the product. The modules come equipped with black or white heat spreaders featuring 'stealth-fighter-inspired design' with RGB LEDs (or rather a twisted RGB tube?) on top. TeamGroup says that it had supplied its T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 samples to all leading makers (Asus, ASRock, Biostar, Gigabyte, MSI) of motherboards to ensure that their RGB-controlling software works with these DRAM sticks. 


(Image credit: TeamGroup)

Another thing to note about TeamGroup's T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 modules is their warranty. The manufacturer says that warranty period of its new DDR5 memory sticks "was initially set to be three years, but will be adjusted based on the improvement of raw materials or technology." Nowadays many high-end memory modules, including TeamGroup's own DDR4-5333 DIMMs, come with a lifetime warranty (and have been doing so for about two decades now). It is unclear why the manufacturer decided to abandon this practice with DDR5, but we asked our contact at TeamGroup for a comment.  

TeamGroup will start selling its T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 memory sticks, which will likely join our ranks of best memory modules, in Q4 2021, when Intel's Alder Lake CPUs and motherboards that support the new memory are available. 

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  • mdd1963
    After seeing some preliminary RAM -sensitive comparisons that showed a preliminary DDR5-4800 being matched by DDR4-3200, at least we can count on a variety of glowing colors from within the case being available!