Thermaltake Unveils Smaller Wall Mounted Core P3 Chassis

Thermaltake announced a smaller version of the Core P5 wall-mountable open frame computer chassis. The Core P3 will let you display your PC for all to see, but you won’t need nearly as much hardware to fill it.

Thermaltake revealed the Core P5 wall-mount case last October. The P5 is intended to showcase systems with lots of hardware and full loop water cooling systems. It has space for E-ATX motherboards and large reservoirs and the case looks empty if you don’t have a 480mm radiator installed on the left. If you like the idea of hanging your computer on the wall but you don’t have that much hardware, the Thermaltake Core P3 might be a better option.

Thermaltake’s Core P3 is very similar to the Core P5 but in a smaller package. The P3 is designed to house much more common hardware configurations. The case will support mini-ITX, mATX and ATX boards. The smaller case does away with the dedicated water pump mounting points that you’ll find in the P5. There is still plenty of space to mount a pump to a radiator with a bracket or to the lower hard drive mount. The Core P3 will support radiators as large as 420mm. The radiator mounting points are also close enough to the motherboard to support Thermaltake’s Water 3.0 closed loop water coolers. The Core P3 also offers mounts for up to five data drives. There are two 3.5/2.5-inch drive bays behind the motherboard, and there are three 2.5-inch drive mounts located behind the radiator mounts.

The Core P3 borrows a few other features from the larger P5. It allows you to mount the PSU horizontally or vertically (vertical not available with ATX motherboards). You can also mount your graphics card horizontally or vertically. You can install the expansion slots on a tray that can help support heavy graphics cards, or you can install it the standard way.

The Core P3 also supports the same three optional placement positions. The case can be laid down horizontally, stood up vertically on the included feet, or mounted directly to your wall with an optional wall-mounting support kit.

Thermaltake is launching the Core P3 in two colors. A standard black version, and the white Snow Edition. The black version of the case is available now at Newegg for $119.99. There’s no word on availability and price of the Snow Edition yet.

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  • tiagoluz8
    I'd love to have one of these, but dust is a real issue for me. I have to clean the filters on my Urban S31 every month.
  • tom10167
    Nice but after shipping it's only $16 cheaper than the P5
  • tfman22
    Dust isn't an issue with open design. There's not that many places for the dust to collect. A quick spray of air and you're good to go.
  • Memhorder
    No, It's probably take a full can to clean out the rad and GPU Fins as well as inside the PSU. Neat concept though.