Tom's Hardware Q2 2015 System Builder Marathon: The Winners

It's that time of year (well, quarter) when we wrap up our System Builder Marathon and dole out the killer systems to a few lucky winners. Got this quarter's SBM, we put together four different systems, all worth $1,600. Here are your winners, representing areas all across the country:

Check out the links above to see the sweet rigs that these four folks get to enjoy courtesy of Tom's Hardware and Newegg. For a handy breakdown of all four systems, check out our Value Comparison article here.

Congrats to our winners this time around! May their gaming be all the more enjoyable on a free system valued at $1,600.

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  • -Fran-
    Congratulations to the winners! And my eternal envy as well!

    Cheers! :P
  • clonazepam

    (that feeling when you see a link announcing the winners yet nobody's contacted you)

    Maybe next time! :)
  • fl-gators-fan
    Congrats winners!! Great prizes to have won!
  • TNT27
    Every PC in my family is on its last leg, hopefully I might be able to win next one. I mean we still have p3/4 rigs running crysis lan parties, not worth it to us to get anything newer yet.
  • zankuto
    Congrats to Jessica Templeman she's a moderator on my youtuber forum lol.