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You Can Now Try Windows 11 in Your Browser

(Image credit: Microsoft)

A software developer has created a webpage that allows to try out the Windows 11 interface without installing the new OS or waiting untill the first PCs with pre-installed Windows 11 hit the market later this year.  

Migrating to a new operating system always requires some effort. This is not a problem if you have plenty of time or can work on multiple PCs at once and therefore do not care if something goes wrong. But if you have neither time nor a spare PC to do an install of Windows 11 for experiments or install Windows 11 in a virtual machine, but want to prepare yourself for Windows 11, then Windows 11 demo website created by BlueEdge (and discovered by PC Gamer) is just what the doctor ordered for you. 

The website is not a Windows 11 remote desktop, but rather an interactive demonstration of Windows 11 graphics user interface that gives a very general understanding of what to expect from the new OS. To do so, all you need is a browser, so you can try Windows 11 on any PC with Apple's MacOS, Linux, or Windows. 

The interactive demonstration does not let you install software, change settings, and do other important things you normally do with an OS. Still, you can try the new Start menu, Edge browser, Windows store, search widget, and even the Terminal.  

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft reacts to BlueEdge's effort to demonstrate its upcoming operating system. The Windows 11 GUI is clearly Microsoft's intellectual property and is subject to copyright. But on the other hand, Microsoft is clearly interested in popularizing its software.