Xigmatek Shows off Glowing White PC Test Bed and Several High-End Cases

Xigmatek at Computex
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Pulsing RGB LEDs seemed to be present in nearly every product on show at Xigmatec's Computex 2023 booth. Peering through the light pollution, we spotted an alluring new PC test bed. The as yet unnamed easy-access component testing chassis is resplendent in white (with a black option also on display), and features RGB LED cooling fans (of course).

(Image credit: Future)

In our images you can see the Xigmatek test bed with its easy access hinged motherboard platform on full display. With the motherboard angled up, we can see plenty of room for components such as PSUs, storage, and so on, along with plenty of room for rummaging around. Of course, Xigmatek has put an RGB extension cable in there for added lighting.

With the hinge closed you can see plenty of room for cable routing around and behind the motherboard mounting area. The design also offers eight PCI slots, a backplate cover, the stylish angled cooling array, and a decent number and variety of ports, power, and a reset button up front.

A black version of the test bed, with a tempered glass top enclosure (Image credit: Future)

Xigmatek didn't have a name for this test bed case right now, so it's unsurprising that we don't don't yet have information on things like pricing and availability.

Xigmatek Cases - Plenty of Room, With a View

Another major draw at the Xigmatek booth was the array of cases on offer. The most high profile new cases we saw were the new Aqua Ultra series. These are three sided tempered glass PC cases. In the image below you can see a black, white and pink Aqua Ultra sitting beneath one of Xigmatek's new test beds (in black) which has been encapsulated in a glass box.

(Image credit: Future)

These are big PC cases, as you can probably tell, fitting otherboards up to E-ATX, CPU coolers up to 185 mm tall, graphics cards up to 430 mm in length, up to triple 360 mm cooling radiators, room for up to 8 HDDs, and PSUs up to 220 mm long.

Xigmatek has designed the Aqua Ultra cases to be tool-less for easy access. Also, there are some pleasing build options, like being able to choose a full sized vertical GPU installation, plus lots of fan and radiator options.

(Image credit: Xigmatek)

The Xigmatek Elysium II and Endorphin range of PC cases are also new for Computex. We don't have the specs for the Elysium II, but you can see that it is also a substantial design with a largely transparent section. It certainly looks tall with the five (seemingly 120 mm?) fans up front, and it looks like the top is level with the counters used in the booth (about 700 mm).

(Image credit: Future)

Moving on to the Endorphin range, our image shows the Endorphin 9, Endorphin 6, and Endorphin 3 in a line. The case volume reduces in accordance with the numerical suffix. Xigmatek uses a glass corner design here, so there should be more airflow / cooling options. We have the specs of the Endorphin 9, which are reproduced below.

Xigmatek is also pretty well known for its PC cooling. Its new Starlink fans had a cool "flexible modular design" where fans can be clipped together into neat arrays. Similarly, power/data cabling clips into place. The fans support PWM control, ARGB Sync, ARG passthrough, and work with the Galaxy II remote control.

In the above slides you can also see Computex showcased Xigmatek products like AiO coolers, and air coolers.

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