Computex 2024 Day Three Wrap-Up: Cheap PCIe 5.0 SSDs, Samsung’s AI monitors, cases galore, and more

Computex 2024
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Computex 2024 continues to press on, with plenty of big news coming from peripheral makers. We've seen tons of activity regarding PC enclosures, power supplies, cooling, and more. Patriot wants to make PCIe 5.0 SSDs more affordable with the Viper PD573, and Samsung is looking to AI-ify everything, including its monitors.

Excess is Best: Palit RTX 4090 Combines Water Cooling with Massive Color Display
The GeForce RTX 4090 is already an incredibly expensive flagship GPU, but Palit's latest version will likely be one of the most costly yet (if it makes it past the prototype phase). Not only does it have a modular Lynk+ water block to help the potent GPU stay cool, but it also has a 7-inch color display. The display can show card vitals (clock speeds, temperatures, per-game FPS, etc.) if you want at-a-glance access to that information.

The company also showed a version of the water block setup without an integrated display, which would be preferable for enthusiasts who just want to enjoy the cooling benefits without any additional frills that don't add to performance.

Samsung Puts a Focus on AI with its New Monitor Lineup
Samsung has a vast array of monitors, unveiling a new version of its Odyssey, Smart Monitor, and ViewFinity lines. The monitors are available in various sizes, resolutions, refresh rates, and panel types (IPS, VA, and OLED).

However, one trait shared among all the monitors is a reliance on artificial intelligence (AI) to perform various tasks. AI is used to upscale content to "nearly 4K" and for the Active Voice Amplifier Pro (it optimizes dialog in video streams), among other features.

Patriot Has Affordably in Mind with its Latest PCIe 5.0 SSD
PCIe 5.0 SSDs still command a premium over mainstream PCIe 4.0 SSDs, thanks to their vastly superior performance. However, Patriot is trying to narrow the gap with the Viper PD573 SSD, which uses a Maxio Technology MAP1802 DRAM-less controller instead of the ubiquitous Phison's PS5026-E26. 

Thanks to the use of YMTC, which also helps to keep costs in line, we're looking at sequential reads and writes of up to 14,000 MBps and 12,000 MBps, respectively.

Hot New Cases from Thermaltake, be quiet!, and More

Cases are big at Computex 2024, with be quiet! having a significant presence at the show. The company had its Light Base 600 and Light Base 900 cases on display. They provide glass panels for the front and sides of the enclosure, allowing you to gawk at your high-end hardware housed within (you can even optionally replace the top panel with glass).

Thermaltake launched the CTE E550 TG and Ceres 350 MX cases, which have their power connectors on the back to help improve airflow and keep cables out of the view. The Ceres 350 MX has two panel options in the box (one mesh, one tempered glass) and supports up to 360mm radiators. For those who want a more "fish tank" aesthetic, the CTE E550 TG has tempered glass on the rear, side, and front of the case.

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