EKWB Factory Tour

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers hardware news on all components and peripherals.

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  • kgrevemberg
    His name is the name of his company. Straight pimpin. I wonder whose name made google.
  • toddybody
    These are the articles that make Tom's special IMO :)

    @ Tom's...I'd love to see more of these manuf/vendor tours en leu of filler reposts. A tour of EVGA one month, Sapphire the next/etc...
  • getochkn
    Cool. I wondered how they cranked them out fast. Seems like when a new GPU/top end MB comes out, they have a block in no time. I thought they had their own CNC setup to do it that fast.
  • TechyInAZ
    That's pretty cool! I always wondered how manufactuers made custom blocks.
  • Dr_b_
    Thumbs up this was awesome
  • horaciopz
    This is such a great read! Very interesting and very informative of why these parts are rather expensive compared to other hardware.
  • ssdpro
    Is this supposed to make you feel better about all the product quality/recall issues?
  • AndrewJacksonZA
    "After spending just over a day talking to the employees and figuring out how everything works, it became clear to me why nobody was nervous about my presence -- they had nothing to hide."
    A sign of a great company. :-)

    Thanks for the lovely article Niels, I really enjoyed reading it and seeing the pictures. I agree with @toddybody, these articles add to the special feeling of Tom's Hardware. Keep them coming! :-D
  • rhenry01
    Great tour. I'd like to see more of these tours at some of the top component manufacturers.
  • Shankovich
    Awesome, looks like they were genuinely happy to have you guys there! Going to do my first custom loop this year, can't wait now :)
  • Shankovich
    Also, it would be really nice if they got at least 1 CNC Milling machine in house. I know they're expensive. We have one in our lab at my university and it's a miracle time saver for engineering prototyping.
  • guskline
    Have an EK Supremacy EVO block for my 5960x and an EK Supremacy MX for my 4790k. OUTSTANDING blocks. I also have 2 EK R9 290 blocks for my R9 290s and an EK block for my GTX980TI. Again super gpu blocks.
  • s997863
    nice article. would love to see more site visits.
  • Eggz
    This was cool. Thanks for flying out there and sharing!
  • F-minus
    Out of interest, what kind of working conditions were you expecting to find in a progressive central European country?
  • Eggz
    2177779 said:
    Out of interest, what kind of working conditions were you expecting to find in a progressive central European country?

    Clearly indentured servitude