15" LCD Comparison Part III: Better and Cheaper

The Selection Of The Day

ADI is making a comeback, AOpen has gone back to using a Chungwa panel, QDI is smashing prices, Philips and LG are slashing prices, and Samsung has launched the best monitor of the summer. So even though the summer vacation is over, there's plenty of good news. LCD prices are down again and the new monitors are even better than before. Here are some details:

  • ADI , long absent from center stage, has made a comeback in the form of two 15" screens. You can forget the first one, the S500, but the S600s is a very good value for the money.
  • AOpen made no mistake in its choice of screen. The F50LS uses the Chungwa panel already adopted by Belinea and Solarism. No surprises here - this low-cost monitor stands out from the crowd.
  • LG made a big impression last year with its Flatron 563LE. This model has now been replaced in Europe by the L1510S, a screen that won't disappoint fans of this brand. Americans will have to wait a while longer, however, because for the moment the 563LE remains the entry-level monitor in the US version of the LG catalog.
  • Philips has broken with tradition. It normally offers expensive products with carefully designed ergonomics, but not necessarily the best screen image. The new 150S3F is as handsome as usual but it is also inexpensive and good.
  • QDI Europe has broken away from the parent company and has decided on its own initiative to market flat screens that are not yet available elsewhere in the world. This screen may well be one of the least expensive in the autumn season at 460 Euros including VAT!
  • Samsung is offering a product that is slightly more expensive than average. The SyncMaster 152T was launched at a price close to that of the 17" LCD monitors, but the price has just dropped by 25%. It's plain, very light, and takes up very little space - the best screen of the season.

We performed all of our usual tests: office work, games, photos, patterns, etc., which are described in detail here

The 15" models previously tested are :