15" LCD Comparison Part III: Better and Cheaper


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ModelF50LSS600sL1510S150S3FLM-510SyncMaster 152T
Price (US$)$400--$449-$499
Price (Euros)-523 €549 €550 €460 €629 €
TechnologyTN + FilmTN + FilmTN + FilmTN + FilmTN + FilmTN + Film
Panel manufacturerChungwaSamsungLG-PhilipsLG-PhilipsHannstarSamsung
Response time40 ms25 ms30 ms40 ms50 ms25 ms
Resolution1024 x 7681024 x 7681024 x 7681024 x 7681024 x 7681024 x 768
Contrast ratio350 : 1300 : 1300 : 1350 : 1300 : 1450 : 1
Brightness200 cd/m²250 cd/m²200 cd/m²250 cd/m²200 cd/m²350 cd/m²
Vertical angle100°120°90°110°100°150°
Horizontal angle120°140°120°150°120°160°
Panel, diagonal15 inches15 inches15 inches15 inches15 inches15 inches
ConnectionD-Sub 15 pinD-Sub 15 pinD-Sub 15 pinD-Sub 15 pinD-Sub 15 pinD-Sub 15 pin + DVI
Integrated speakersNoNoNoNoNoNo
Pivot functionNoNoNoNoNoNo
USB hubNoNoNoNoNoNo
Dimensions (mm)379 x 346 x 255360 x 355 x 158427 x 412 x 160343 x 310 x 170470 x 455 x 230357 x 361 x 184
Weight3,9 Kg3,2 Kg4 Kg3,7 Kg3,5 Kg2,9 Kg
Power consumption30 W30 W23 W23 W35 W31 W

For the first time in five LCD screen comparison tests, none of the six screens tested proved to be bad enough to be eliminated at the outset. Each has an image that is good enough to make it worth buying. It appears that, as is the case with CRT screens, the ranges are moving ever closer to each other and the differences between one manufacturer and the next are decreasing rapidly. In the future, it may well be that only price, design and ergonomics will make the difference between one monitor and the next.

At present there is still some way to go in terms of brightness and cost, and less with regards to the trailing effect left on the screen, since the six screens tested are acceptable in this area, even for fast-moving games. Despite the huge reduction in the price of LCD monitors over the last two years, the 15" LCD display continues to be almost as expensive as a 19" CRT. Only two manufacturers of the six in this test, AOpen et QDI, have made a real effort in this regard. The monitors made by the former are only available in North America, those of the latter, only in Europe.

Leaving the matter of cost aside, only one screen really stands out from the crowd, thanks to the quality of its images, the Samsung 152T. The image is as good as that of the best 17" CRTs.

The other three monitors, ADI, LG and Philips, are good, but it's hard to understand why they are so much more expensive than the AOpen and QDI models.

Finally, here's an interesting statistic: of the 60 LCD monitors tested in a year (not all of which were published in Tom's Hardware Guide), 25% had a Philips LG panel and 20% a Samsung panel. This means that nearly half the screens tested were equipped with a panel made by one of the market leaders.