26" LCD TVs: Are They Ready for Prime Time?

Interpolation And PC Mode

This Samsung set handled interpolation well. It's one of the rare ones we've seen that offers a workable, convincing solution. There's no doubt that Samsung's experience with LCD computer monitors has come into play in developing onboard electronics in the maker's LCD TV sets. It was most effective with DVDs; less so with video games, where the input image was more jagged. But at least the 4:3 mode and the first two zoom factors were good.

Using the unit in PC mode revealed a few surprises. The TV set was recognized with no problem as a VGA/DVI monitor, but the image wasn't as sharp in DVI mode - odd, but acceptable. But using a PC as the video source still improved the image quality over what you get from a standard DVD player.

Sound Quality

The sound the LT-P266W put out was adequate. Better than the Philips, but not as good as the Sharp. The sound lacked a little power in the bass for movie purposes. When we played music through the monitor via a CD audio player, that was confirmed. But the sound was clear and plenty good enough for television.


The LT-P266W is an excellent TV set for video. Its qualities in terms of noise and black level make it ideal for your DVD evenings. Its performance with interpolation will mean that you won't have to toss out your 'old' video equipment. The scaling is acceptable. And what's more, the price is falling rapidly, making this model, with its high-quality finish, even more attractive.