26" LCD TVs: Are They Ready for Prime Time?

HD-TV: Connectivity

If you've decided to change DVD players or invest in the Faroudja 720P scaler of your dreams, all you need to do is plug in your TV.

There are three methods for feeding high-definition content to your TV set.

DVI, a well-known interface for PC users, can transfer high-resolution images. DVI is also an opportunity for manufacturers to implement physical anti-copy measures. That means that it might be impossible to connect a DVI DVD player to a computer monitor, since the monitor might not be recognized as an authorized peripheral.

YUV is also a way of transferring HD format in analog.

The HDMI connector found on certain models is a development of DVI that's suited to audio-video. In addition to transmitting video in digital using the same principle as DVI - in fact, DVI-to-HDMI adapters exist - HDMI can also carry up to 8 channels of digital audio. However, some older implementations of HDMI on TV sets don't make full use of that potential, so manufacturers often install HDMI with only two audio channels.