26" LCD TVs: Are They Ready for Prime Time?


The equipment on this TV is above average. Of course we would have liked to have a VGA or DVI connector, but except for that, connectivity is very complete, with two 2 Peritel connectors, S-Video, and the standard cinch and progressive YUV. (Again, the US model has DVI.)

In addition to these, there's also a Memory Stick card reader on the edge of the cabinet. Uh, thanks, Sony... This is a quirk that's inherent in Sony products, because the manufacturer is constantly imposing its particular vision of convergence. They're for interoperability, but only with their own patented formats. It's a royal pain and very disappointing to see that a manufacturer who's already paid dearly for their go-it-alone attitude in several areas (the Memory Stick format, the Mini-Disc player, Atrac, etc.) refuses to support other, standardized memory-card formats on a TV that costs $1,800.

No VGA/DVI = No Measurements

In the absence of suitable connectors, we'll have to do without test measurements on this TV set. We're sorry.