26" LCD TVs: Are They Ready for Prime Time?

Sony KLV-26HG2

Sony is a TV manufacturer that needs no introduction; they're the heavyweight in the market segment. The quality of Sony's products is variable, but generally there are a few constants: design, ergonomics, finish, and also price, unfortunately... Since the unit had no VGA/DVI/HDMI input, we weren't able to put it through our usual gamut of tests. (Note that DVI is available on models sold in the U.S.)

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Sony KLV-26HG2
Diagonal measurement26"
Native resolution1280x768
Brightness500 nits
Latency16 ms
Colors16.2 M
H/V Viewing angles170/170
Connectivity2 Peritel, cinch, S-Video, YUV, earphone
PC connectivity and convergenceMemory Stick reader
Average price$1,800 (1,900 €)

Design And Finish

With its taut lines and the aluminum finish on the plastics, the Sony KLV-26HG2 is nice to look at - even turned off. Attention has obviously been paid to detail. There's a row of connectors along the left edge of the monitor, mounted on a pivoting support so as not to interfere with the lines. However, the plastic covering on the speakers has a tendency to scratch and to flake a little under impact. Despite this, overall, this set is worthy of Sony and is a fairly good representation of the best the brand puts out in terms of design - it's both restrained and chic.


The ergonomics of the set are impeccable. The menus are as intuitive as you could hope for and the remote control is a model of its type. Even if the design isn't really your cup of tea, the retractable set of connectors is still a very practical detail when you want to plug in a digital camera or camcorder quickly without having to look for the right connector on the back. This was hands down the most ergonomic TV set we tested.