Sleek Designs, Little Innovation: 4 Barebone Cases Compared

Our Impressions Of The Aplus Blockbuster Storm

The Aplus Blockbuster Storm with its unusually large top-mounted fan

Aplus is a familiar name here at Tom's Guide as their products have already been used in several of our projects.

Five LEDs light the large system fan.

With this new version, called Blockbuster Storm, the case comes equipped with a huge system fan taking up almost the entire top of the unit. Thanks to its size, this fan can spin at very low speeds while still offering good airflow. Additionally, its speed can also be adjusted manually. Warm air is expelled out the back of the case by a 120 mm fan. While other cases such as the XClio Twin Engine have the 250 mm fan mounted on the side or the front, Aplus' design puts it right on top of the case. The drawback: you lose the "storage space" on top of your PC.

The top of the case sports a 250 mm system fan.

The fan speed can be adjusted using this little dial.

The Blockbuster Storm comes with large windows on both sides.

The Storm's front connector panel

Large windows are inset on both sides of the case, allowing you to admire your hardware even with the case closed. Case modders will appreciate this, since it brings out accessories, decorations and interior lighting to full effect. The front sports a small display that monitors the temperature inside the case. The appropriate sensor can be positioned anywhere inside the case.

The Storm from the front...

...and the back.

A small display shows the interior temperature.

Siggy Moersch