5 Cool P4 Coolers Protect Your P4 From Heatstroke

Test System

A new test platform was needed for the LGA775 cooler. For this purpose we modified a Springdale motherboard from Abit (AS8), with an Intel 865 chipset and an LGA775 socket. This allows us to measure the actual power consumption of the CPU when in operation.

We used a Pentium 4 560 CPU with a clock speed of 3.6 GHz to calculate the thermal resistance of the cooler. The CPU was put under full load for an hour at a time using the Prime95 program. Prime95 is actually used to calculate prime numbers; as a side effect of this intense calculation work, the CPU runs continuously under full load. The program offers special loading modes for that purpose.

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ProcessorIntel Pentium 4 560, 3.60 GHz, 200 MHz FSB, 1024 kB L2 cache, socket 775
MemoryTakeMS, DDR400 (200 MHz), 2 x 256 MB, 5ns, 64 Bit
MotherboardAbit AS8, version: 1.0, Intel 865, Bios: 10 (04/28/2004)
Graphics cardATI Radeon 9800 XT, Memory: 256 MB DDR-SDRAM
Hard driveWestern Digital WD400BB-00DEA0 with 40 GB, UDMA100, 7200 rpm, 2 MB cache
NetworkD-Link DFE-530TX (10/100 Mbit)
CD-ROMAsus 52x
Intel chipsetV
Graphics driverATI Catalyst 4.1 (7.97)
DirectXVersion: 9b
Operating systemWindows XP, Build 2600 SP2
  • wheelnut53
    great forum Its good that you all focus on low end coolers.next time add a little info on how thermal paste works in conjunction .I painted my whole heat sink with the stuff.
  • pls help me...
    the 4 heat sink stand are broken.Is my pc is safe or i hv to buy new one.
    plss help me
  • wheelnut53
    awhile back I bought a few cheap after market P4 coolers wasn't worth spit . nothing is better than that copper core