5 Cool P4 Coolers Protect Your P4 From Heatstroke

EKL Radial P4 S775

EKL says it all with its product name, the Radial P4 S775. So what we have here is a cooler for Intel's P4 on socket 775, with a radial fan. Wonderful! We could all learn from such clear product descriptions.

Like the others, the EKL cooler cannot deny its origins in the Intel reference design. What's different here is that EKL went for an oval shape rather than a round one, which makes the cooler seem smaller. The height of the heatsink is 38 mm, as in the reference design, but the Radial's overall height of 96 mm is quite considerable. The manufacturer decided not to split the fins on this model.

Narrow but tall: The EKL cooler

EKL also prefers to use a half-copper core.

The copper base of the EKL cooler.

The fan is aligned at an angle and connected to the heatsink by means of a short duct, which makes the cooler look rather strange. EKL goes for a smaller 80 mm fan, with a height of 24 mm. The regulated fan has the new, four-pin connector.

ELK's cooler hits 53.5 dB(A) in the stress test, and at maximum speed it reaches a loud 65.4 dB(A). In terms of thermal resistance, the EKL cooler sits in the middle at 0.51 K/W. The EKL is a very good deal at just $20 (20 €).

  • wheelnut53
    great forum Its good that you all focus on low end coolers.next time add a little info on how thermal paste works in conjunction .I painted my whole heat sink with the stuff.
  • pls help me...
    the 4 heat sink stand are broken.Is my pc is safe or i hv to buy new one.
    plss help me
  • wheelnut53
    awhile back I bought a few cheap after market P4 coolers wasn't worth spit . nothing is better than that copper core