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UPDATE: Core i7: Blazing Fast, O/C Changes

Analysis--Core i7 16% Faster Than Core 2

Clocked at 3.20 GHz, the Core i7 Extreme is currently Intel’s fastest processor: in our benchmark suite, this new performance heavyweight is an incredible 65% faster on average than AMD’s flagship model. It also pulls ahead of its own predecessor, the Core 2 Extreme QX9770, by 16%.

Analysis: Core i7 965 Extreme vs. Phenom X4 9950 BE vs. Core 2 Extreme QX9770

BenchmarkPhenom X4 9950 Black 2.6 GHzCore 2 Extreme QX9770 3.20 GHz
Crysis33.7% slower12.1% slower
Unreal Tournament 330.9% slower2.6% slower
World in Conflict52.8% slower28.0% slower
Supreme Commander12.6% slower3.8% slower
AVG Anti-Virus 834.3% slower14.5% slower
Winrar 3.8047.3% slower35.5% slower
Winzip 1134.2% slower2.9% faster
Acrobat 9 Professional36% slower1.0% faster
Photoshop CS 331.6% slower1.1% faster
iTunes35.1% slower4.7% slower
Lame MP337% slower5% slower
Studio 1222.1% slower11.4% slower
DivX48% slower34.8% slower
XviD41.3% slower16.5% slower
MainConcept H.26445.9% slower32% slower
Premiere Pro CS3 HDTV49.7% slower26% slower
Cinema 4D Release 1041.9% slower21.1% slower
3D Studio Max 944.7% slower23.5% slower
Fritz 1147.8% slower22.9% slower
Nero 8 Recode56.3% slower24.5% slower
Overall:39.2% slower15.7% slower

Analysis: Core i7 965 Extreme vs. Core i7 940 vs. Core i7 920)

The Core i7 965 Extreme is clocked at 3.20 GHz. Running 266 MHz less, the Core i7 940 is around 8% slower, while the 2.66 GHz Core i7 920, performs about 16% slower than the Core i7 flagship on average across our benchmark suite.

BenchmarkCore i7 940 2.93 GHzCore i7 920 2.66 GHz
Crysis7.4% slower13.4% slower
Unreal Tournament 34.9% slower11.4% slower
World in Conflict10.1% slower21.1% slower
Supreme Commander4.0% slower7.5% slower
AVG Anti-Virus 87.8% slower16.5% slower
Winrar 3.8011.5% slower18.8% slower
Winzip 119.4% slower17.2% slower
Acrobat 9 Professional7.5% slower16.2% slower
Photoshop CS 37.9% slower16.2% slower
iTunes7.6% slower17.6% slower
Lame MP38.1% slower16.8% slower
Studio 125.2% slower10.7% slower
DivX10.9% slower19.2% slower
XviD9.5% slower17.8% slower
MainConcept H.2648.6% slower16.7% slower
Premiere Pro CS3 HDTV7.8% slower16.1% slower
Cinema 4D Release 109.5% slower17.3% slower
3D Studio Max 97.1% slower16.1% slower
Fritz 118.6% slower17.5% slower
Nero 8 Recode9% slower16.6% slower
Overall:8.1% slower 16% slower