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UPDATE: Core i7: Blazing Fast, O/C Changes

SSE 4.2 And The Technical Nitty-Gritty

SSE 4—Complete at Last

With the switch to its 45 nm production process, Intel introduced SSE4.1 into the Core 2 processors. As the ".1" implies, this was only the first iteration of the SSE4 instruction set, and was not yet fully complete. Now, Nehalem comes with the full complement of instructions enabled. Specifically, SSE4.2 adds seven new commands: CRC32, PCMPESTRI, PCMPESTRM, PCMPISTRI, PCMPISTRM, PCMPGTQ, and POPCNT.

The following table compares the technical specifications of the Core i7, Core 2 and AMD Phenom processor families.

FeatureAMDPhenomIntelCore i7IntelCore 2
CoreAgenaTolimanBloomfieldYorkfield / XEWolfdaleKentsfield / XEConroe / XE / 2048Allendale
Production Process65 nm45 nm65 nm45 nm
Max. Frequency2.80 GHz3.20 GHz3.20 GHz
L1 Cache64 + 64 KB32 + 32 KB32 + 32 KB
L2 Cache512 KB256 KB4 MB
L3 Cache2 MB8 MB-
Max. Thermal Loss (TDP)140 W130 W136 W
CPU<->NorthbridgeHyperTransportQuickPath InterconnectFront Side Bus
CPU<->CPUHyperTransportQuickPath InterconnectNorthbridge internal
Max. Core Speed3.20 GHz (25.6 GB/s)6.4 GT/s (12.8 GB/s)400 MHz (12.8 GB/s)
Min. Core Speed800 MHz (6.4 GB/s)4.8 GT/s (9.0 GB/s)200 MHz (6.4 GB/s)
FSB (internal)200 MHz133 MHz400 MHz333 MHz266 MHz200 MHz
Power SavingCool‘n’Quiet 2Enhanced Halt State (C1E)SpeedStepEnhanced Halt State (C1E)SpeedStep
Thermal ProtectionThermal DiodeThermal Monitor 2Thermal Monitor 2
Execution ProtectionXD bitXD bitXD bit
TrustedExecutionPresidioLaGrande TechnologyLaGrande Technology
Active ManagementnoiAMT2 (V-Pro)iAMT2 (V-Pro)