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A Prima Donna on PC: Creative Labs Audigy 2

Audigy 2: Input/ Output Quality, Continued

The second test is of noise and interference levels, and measures in particular where the card's background noise is located and its sensitivity to interference from the computing environment: power supply, transformers and monitors.

Dynamic range, dB:87.285.9
Dynamic range (A-weighted), dB:95.895.1
DC offset, %:00

Related to the above test, the dynamic range test gauges the level of noise generated in the presence of a sound signal, in this instance, a sine wave (1 kHz at -60 dB) at card input.

THD, %:0.0010.002
THD + Noise, %:0.0030.003
THD + Noise (A-weighted), %:0.0030.003

IMD + Noise, %:0.0070.008
IMD + Noise (A-weighted), %:0.0050.006

ParameterL <- RL -> R
Crosstalk at 100 Hz, dB:-85-86
Crosstalk at 1 kHz, dB:-86-89
Crosstalk at 10 kHz, dB:-85-87