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A Prima Donna on PC: Creative Labs Audigy 2

Audigy 2: Input/ Output Quality, Continued

IMD + Noise, %:1.4821.393
IMD + Noise (A-weighted), %:1.3331.253

ParameterL <- RL -> R
Crosstalk at 100 Hz, dB:-80-80
Crosstalk at 1 kHz, dB:-84-84
Crosstalk at 10 kHz, dB:-76-82

For your information, the restored sound is of the same quality on the card's three analog outputs, apart from a definite drop of about 10 dB in the signal-to-noise ratio on output 3. This does not stop this output from being better than the main outputs on middle-range sound cards.

Here are the 16 bit/ 48 kHz results:

Results Right Mark Audio Analyser
Frequency response (from 40 Hz to 15 kHz), dB:+0.05, -0.17Very good
Noise level, dB (A):-96.6Excellent
Dynamic range, dB (A):92.1Very good
THD, %:0.0032Very good
IMD, %:0.0095Very good
Stereo crosstalk, dB:-89.2Excellent

The following results show the quality of the Audigy 2 in 24 bit/ 96 kHz recording via the line-in stereo input. The test line was: DMX 6Fire 24/ 96 Stereo Out - Audigy 2 line in.

Results Right Mark Audio Analyser
Frequency response (from 40 Hz to 15 kHz), dB:+0.01, -0.11Excellent
Noise level, dB (A):-90.1Very good
Dynamic range, dB (A):87.7Good
THD, %:0.0022Excellent
IMD, %:0.014Very good
Stereo crosstalk, dB:-74.8Good

So no trouble with recording then; the Audigy 2 is a good card for 24 bit/ 96 kHz recording. The subjective tests also showed that a significant effort has been made with recording from an analog source. The sound is a bit less "plump" with less coloration than on the previous cards, and benefits from the extra precision of the 24 bit/ 96 kHz.