A Revolution? The First Lumileds LCD Display

NEC SpectraView 2180WG-LED: Ultra-High Fidelity

We did a test on the SpectraView 2180WG-LED with the LaCie Blue-Eye calibrator. The results left no room for doubt.

Recall that this graph shows the difference between the desired color shade and the one actually displayed.

  • If DeltaE >3, then the color displayed is significantly different from the one called for, meaning that the user will be able to perceive the difference.
  • If DeltaE <2, LaCie considers the calibration a success, with a slight difference remaining, but one that will be all but undetectable to the user.
  • If DeltaE < 1, color fidelity is excellent.

The 2180WG-LED's superiority is overwhelming. 98% of the colors were perfect; and all were at least correct. The result you see is for calibration for the sRGB standard. Unfortunately, the on screen display (OSD) on the model we got from NEC wasn't finalized, so we weren't able to test at other color temperatures. We've asked for a production model so that we can get a better idea of how it performs at 9300K and 5000K.

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