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The Final Three: Sub-$100 Cases For Your Gaming Build

All Eleven Cases, Compared

Antec’s GX700, Enermax’s Ostrog GT, and SilverStone’s PS06 are in a tight thermal race, while Zalman’s high-quality MS800 Plus follows those leaders closely.

Nanoxia’s server-styled Deep Silence 2 and Lian Li’s PC-9N lead the race in noise suppression, followed by SilverStone’s PS06.

When we compare heat to noise, Antec’s GX700 leads Zalman’s MS800 Plus, and SilverStone’s mid-grade PS06 places third.

An ultra-low price puts Antec’s GX700 in the value lead, if we ignore a few faults. Finishing third-place in the value race, BitFenix's Shinobi is the least expensive case to exceed our minimum quality standards, though fourth-place value Enermax Ostrog GT has the extra features needed to edge out BitFenix in our previous assessment. Even after recent price updates, the Ostrog GT's value award stands unblemished.

The two best-built cases in our 11-way round-up, Zalman’s MS800 Plus and Cooler Master’s Storm Scout 2 Advanced didn't necessarily give us the strong performance advantage needed to overcome their slightly higher prices. Of the two, Zalman's MS800 Plus offers a slightly higher-market feature set and slightly better performance, so it would probably be my pick. Similarly sturdy construction, a slightly lower price, and a handy carry handle helps Cooler Master's Scout 2 Advanced stand out with the LAN-party crowd.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.