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AOC C2783FQ 27-inch Curved VA Monitor Review

OSD Setup & Calibration

The OSD is AOC’s familiar strip format that appears at the bottom center of the screen. The C2783FQ’s feature set is small, yet appropriate for a business-class display.

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First up is the Luminance menu, which also provides access to six picture modes, three gamma presets, and three levels of overdrive. At 60Hz, it’s safe to use the Strong setting without causing visible ghosting. Of the gamma options, number one is the closest to 2.2. It runs a little above the line, but because there’s a lot of extra contrast available it doesn’t have a negative impact on image quality.

The Color menu has three color temp presets plus a fixed sRGB mode that closely matches the Standard picture preset. Selecting it locks brightness at 225cd/m2 and grays out the rest of the image adjustments. We found better results by calibrating the User mode.

Like all AOC monitors, the C2783FQ has Bright Frame which lets you highlight a specific portion of the image. The window can be sized and moved, and you can adjust brightness and contrast within it. It’s a neat feature that we haven’t seen on any other brand of display.

OSD Setup lets you change the language, timeout, transparency, and position of the menu bar. You can also set yourself a break reminder here, which warns you when an hour has passed.

The Extras menu has an input selector, but leaving it on Auto works well. The monitor will lock onto the first signal it finds and change inputs for you. You can turn DDC/CI on or off, and the factory reset is here as well. Selecting it returns the C2783FQ to its factory default settings.


The C2783FQ comes pretty close to sRGB and D65 specs in its default Standard picture mode with the color temp set to Warm and Gamma set to 1. We tried Gamma 2, but that proved to be too light in tone. Gamma 1 is closer to an average value of 2.3, but it looks good thanks to the VA panel’s extra native contrast. The sRGB preset won’t buy you any additional accuracy, but the User mode will. The RGB sliders start at center-range, so it’s easy to find balanced precision without losing too much overall dynamic range. Speaking of contrast, we had to lower that control three clicks to fix a slight clipping issue. Our recommended settings are below.

AOC C2783FQ Calibration Settings
Brightness 200cd/m265
Brightness 120cd/m218
Brightness 100cd/m26
Color Temp UserRed 47, Green 49, Blue 52
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