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Aorus KD25F 240 Hz Gaming Monitor Review: Breaking Our Benchmark Records

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With so much focus on monitors with high pixel density, HDR and extended color, users sometimes forget the pleasure of gaming on a display that tracks their every move with precision. The most responsive screens are still TN panels with FHD resolution and super-fast refresh rates. 144 Hz is good, but 240Hz is better. And a low response time makes a clearly visible difference. The Aorus KD25F proved that in both testing and gameplay.

Aorus KD25F Gaming Monitor. ( (Image credit: Gigabyte))

We’ve tested other 240 Hz monitors that use the same core panel as the KD25F, but Gigabyte managed to halve the response time to a claimed 0.5ms, and we can see its effect. Coupled with one of the best overdrives we’ve seen, motion is simply perfect at all framerates. There is no blur or stutter. Once you start playing games, its responsiveness and super-low input lag will intoxicate you.

Out-of-box testing showed a monitor that doesn’t really need calibration, but there is a little room for improvement. Our adjustments delivered an excellent image with nicely saturated color, perfect gamma tracking and a neutral white balance. Contrast is about the same as most TN and IPS screens at just under 1,000:1.

We’ve never had a monitor that made us better players, until now. Its price is firmly in the premium range, and you won’t love its resolution when it comes time to edit photos or work with tiny text in a spreadsheet. But the Aorus KD25F is a high-performance gaming monitor, and judged by that criteria, it’s one of the best we’ve ever reviewed.

Image Credits: Gigabyte, Tom's Hardware

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  • AlistairAB
    The Alienware one I bought seemed defective, as OD error was atrocious at 240hz and wasn't adjustable regardless of OD setting. Setting the monitor back to 144hz fixed all the problems. I hope the Aorus isn't the same.

    Lipstick on a pig somewhat, as we already have a vastly superior and responsive technology, OLED. Would kill for a 25" 240hz OLED monitor instead, with even faster response times standard.
  • thealmightyeyeball
    I have the Alienware AW2518HF. It is flawless as far as freesync is concerned. It is also about 150 dollars less.
    I would get the Alienware.
  • Theodore Juices
    There's an updated version of the AOC AG251FZ, the AG251FZ2. I know because I just owned it for a month before returning it for reasons unrelated to its performance. Why didn't you compare this monitor to that one instead? That would have been much more useful.
  • Astrix_au
    23ms total lag? Don't you mean 2.3ms?
  • zeekez
    I just got this monitor, I love it so far but I have a few questions, mainly, does Aim Assist need to be on for the fastest input speed? I've noticed with Aim Assist it dims the screen considerably. I was just curious if the config given for the best color was with it on or off.