Asus AGP-V6600 Deluxe Review

Benchmark Results - 3DMark 2000 - Fill-Rate (single Texture)

We hear all these theoretical numbers about fill-rate but this is what happens when we actually put cards to the real test. It is interesting to see that most of the cards are nearly identical in performance and I can assure you that this is the case even at 1600x1200 resolution in this test. The only thing that confuses my ideas about the benchmark having problems is the fact that the overclocked V6600 smokes the stock V6600. This will have to be investigated further. Keep in mind that this test is single-texture fill-rate.

Switching our little fill-rate test to 32-bit color returned some rather interesting results. No surprises between the GeForce cards as they all line up at about the same performance. Note how the G400 MAX nearly catches even the overclocked V6600.